The Church At Perton



The Church At Perton is unique!  As you read about our history, you’ll discover that we come from all different church backgrounds and none, which means we simply are, “The Church At Perton” - a family of faithful Christians who enjoy worshipping and growing together, and welcoming others to join us.

Officially we are called a “Local Ecumenical Partnership” (LEP).  What this means is that we are not simply an Anglican Church, for example, but that we have been set-up as a partnership between more than one church denominations.  The Church At Perton is a partnership between the Church of England and the United Reformed Church and that means we enjoy the riches and traditions and styles and freedom of both!

In terms of the Church of England, we are part of the Tettenhall Wood & Perton Team Ministry, which means we are linked to the two churches in the Tettenhall Wood parish - Christchurch, Tettenhall Wood, and the Church of the Good Shepherd in Castlecroft.  The Team Rector of the Tettenhall Wood & Perton Team Ministry has oversight of all of us.

In terms of the URC, we have close links with the long-established URC congregation also in Tettenhall Wood.

In addition to our links with these two denominations, the Church At Perton is part of a group of local churches from a number of different denominations who seek to work together.  This group is called the Covenanting Churches.  


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