The Church At Perton

Open Church

We long for our church building to be a place of sanctuary for all. Our building lies at the very physical heart of our villiage, and we believe it's so very important that we are open for all people, as much of the time as we possibly can be.

Therefore the church is open during the following times:

Mondays ~ Fridays*

         10am ~ 3pm

We hope all will feel welcome to wander in, to stay for as short or long as they would like to. That the church building will be a place of peace and quiet, a place to gather your thoughts, stop, sit, ponder, pray, or just be.

There will be someone around, if you wish to talk, but they won't pounce on you! You are welcome simply to sit and enjoy the space, or you may like to write down any prayer requests if you wish, or light a candle for someone on your heart.

The Church At Perton is Your Church!

           * during term times

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