Who's Who



        Rev Julia Cody

Julia loves living on Perton, and continues to enjoy serving both the church family and the wider local community. She is married to Paul and they, along with boisterous hounds, Lois, Gwen and Faith, love the great walks around Perton!

Authorised Lay Ministers

        Mark Hopkins

Mark is also an authorised Lay Minister with gifts in preaching and leading worship, helping with Kids Count and a member of the Bereavement Team.


        Mandy Ricketts

Mandy is our most recently authorised Lay Minister and is very artistic and creative and uses her gifts in numerous ways serving the church. A particular passion for Mandy is encouraging us as a Learning Disability Friendly Church, and leading our Embrace services.



        Liz Gilson

Liz is one of our amazing Churchwardens - our wardens do so much behind the scenes, usually the tasks no-one realises need doing and don't often get thanked for, but without whom there would be chaos. Liz is married to Bruce, who is our faithful organist.

        Jo Bucknall

Jo is the other of our amazing Churchwardens who works tirelessly, mostly behind the scenes, to ensure the smooth running of the church, and keeping the Vicar sane!



        Sue Ridley

Sue is invovled in many areas of church life, and in addition to serving as our church secretary, also works as the Parish Administrator for the Tettenhall Wood Parish within our Team of Chruches.....she must love photocopiers!! 



        Brenda Walters

Brenda keeps us on the straight and narrow - and not just financially! Brenda is our treasurer, but also serves the church family in many other ways.

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